Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Birthday cake fun!

We let Bella go to town on her little birthday cake tonight. She actually would make a yucky face whenever she put it in her mouth which really suprised me, but she really enjoyed squishing it through her fingers and smearing it ALL over. YUM YUM

Monday, September 10, 2007


What a fun year this has been. Lance and I are so blessed to have a spunky, crazy little angel that couldn't be any sweeter. We are so happy that she is a part of our family and that we get to keep her for eternity! We love you so much little Bella. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

A short, eventful, exciting trip to Maui

BYU Hawaii had their soccer Hawaii Cup Challenge in Maui this year and a few of the wives made a trip out of it. We had tons of fun of course besides the messing Bella up from her daily routine. In the two and a half days we were there she had a total of 30 minutes of napping time... compared to her normal 3 hours of napping... talk about crabby pants. I did my best to keep here happy though. So we got there early Friday morning and spent the day at the beach and getting unpacked in our nice little beach house the five wives chipped in on. The guys had their first game against Chaminade that night at 5:00pm They stomped on them with a winning score of 4-0. We were thrilled! We ended up staying at the field with the soccer team to watch the outcome of the next game to see who BYU would be playing Saturday night in the final game. Late night. Saturday the soccer team had a lot of free time in the morning and afternoon and so we were able so actually spend some time with Lance. We watched a little footall and then they decided as a team to hike up twin falls, which is an easy short hike to a couple different waterfalls so the wives decided to go with. It was really fun. Bella had a ball. Saturday night was the Championship game against a University of Hawaii, Hilo. There was no score at halftime and then came the second half... it was crazy! BYU scored two goals pretty quick. Then a few minutes later Hilo scored a goal to make the score 2-1 for BYU. Seriously within a minute after Hilo scored their goal BYU came back to score another one. Exciting to say the least! So remember the score is 3-1 now with like 10 minutes left in the game. BYU let down a lot I'm sure thinking they had it in the bag being up two. Think again. Hilo, with 5 minutes in the game scored a goal. It doesn't stop there. The referee held up one minute to go and the score was 3-2... I swear it was the longest minute ever. One of BYU's defenders fouled somebody pretty close to the box and they got a free kick. The Hilo player shot it, it curved around their wall and went in side net to tie the game. Not kidding! Stressful! They had to play a freaking overtime. Thankfully in the second half of the overtime a freshman on BYU's team drilled the ball into the net to win the game in a sudden death 4-3!!!!! The seasiders won the championship, yes, in once again another overtime. We were really proud of daddy who played the whole game and did AWESOME! He's definetely the sexiest soccer player in the world! We were really excited that we were there with Lance to celebrate their win. THE END!!!!!!!!!!!

THE GAME......

All Bella wanted after the long, super LATE night was for daddy to hold her. She LOVES her daddy

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Hooray for another win!

The seasiders played La Verne a team from California and won 1-0 in a grueling LONG game. They had to play two overtimes, but ended up winning with one goal! We needed Caden on the team to score some goals! Love ya Caden

Monday, September 3, 2007

Bella's new thing... driving cars

Bella has been obsessed with cars lately. Anything with a steering wheel she wants it! We'll be walking down the sidewalk and see a little toy car and she signs car and goes crazy! I don't know if it's because she sees all the little kids riding them or sees us driving or what, but it's her new thing. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that she's turning one next week and she is a BIG girl now :) She makes us laugh everyday. I love being a mom!