Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hello... anybody here???

Yes, if you all were wondering, we are still alive and here. I feel like these last 3 weeks have been out of control. Just to inform you of a few things that happened... I told you all in the last post that Bella and Bodie were sick. Ya, well their sicks were bad sicks. Bella got pnemonia pretty bad and Bodie had ear infections. So on top of the crazy move the kids were so sick. It has been a real hard adjustment for Bella but I think, cross my fingers, that we are settled until August. Thanks to our wonderful friends Jenna and Andrew we have a wonderful place to stay until they get back from their summer sales. Bella and Bodie now have their own rooms and things are feeling somewhat back to normal. Bella still does cry for the beach and a lot of her friends in Hawaii, but its getting better. Someday when the internet works at the place we are staying I will have time to post some pictures (I am at my parents right now). But on a brighter note, Lance and I have had a lot of fun being here with our families and catching up with old friends. We also were able to go to a Lakers Jazz game, yes when the Jazz were still in the playoffs :( I hate the Lakers! Sorry BFF Lala I really do... Anywho... someday I will get pictures up. Can't make any promises of when though. Peace out! PS Lala and Rusty, I have played a total of 2 games of Settlers since the move and am going through MAJOR withdrawl... miss you guys so much!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Yes I know, it's been forever. We've just had a bit going on that has taken up my time. The move went well. We are now semi settled... ok not even close to settled but at least not traveling anymore. We left our beloved TVA home on the night of the 23rd and arrived in freezing cold Salt Lake the next morning and drove to Provo and got on a big RV and drove all day to San Diego with my parents and two little sisters and their husbands and baby. Long day, tell me about it. We were pooped but happy to have a nice king size bed in the back of the RV to sleep in most of the way. We started our trip out at Sea World which Bella ABSOLUTELY loved. We spent a day at the Wild Animal Park which was suprisingly so HOT, but we had fun. We then did a day at Universal Studios and then three days at Disney Land/California Adventures. It was a blast! Bella did suprisingly good under all circumstances... you know, being in a brand new place, having big harry creatures aproach her, having people she hardly knew (family) literally attack her with love constantly, which she got used to after a few days and loved the attention as I'm sure all of you should know :) Bodie was a trooper and was an angel the whole time, But I am sad to report that with all the traveling all four of us, Lance, me, Bella and Bodie came down with yucky sore throats, bad coughs and really snotty noses. We made our way back to Utah on Friday and are so happy to be here and can't wait to really get settled and find a place to live.