Sunday, November 8, 2009

Governors Gala and Jazz game

It seems like lately Lance and I have been able to go out on dates more often which has been so much fun! A couple of days ago Lance won tickets to the Jazz vs. Spurs game so thanks to Benjamin and Emily Lance and I got to go and sat in some sweet seats! Go Jazz!!!!!

My dad called me the night of the Governors Gala and told me that I was responsible to fill up his table for 10. I literally had just a couple hours to find people to go and as you know, tables at these kind of events don't come cheap so I had to fill up his table... so we invited our friends Jake and Celia and my sister Lisa cam and the Blatters. Gotta love my last minute spur of the moment dad :) We did bring Graham with us as you can see, but he was gem the whole time like always. Very fun night. Thanks again dad for the opportunity!