Sunday, March 15, 2009

Disney on Ice

My dad and I have a tradition every year that we have been doing for a while. The tradition is that on his birthday he gives me a present and on my birthday I get him a present. It has been really fun. I love when February 19th rolls around cause the anticipation of what I'm going to get on his birthday is so exciting. This year he got me Disney On Ice tickets for our family. Bella has been so in love with Disney lately that I was SO excited for her to be able to go. We were right in the front and Bella had a ball. My dad couldn't have picked a better present for me on his birthday. THere is nothing better than seeing joy in your little girls eyes and Bella was in Heaven the whole show. Thanks dad! When June 28th comes around you will be getting a great gift from me.

Tea Party with cousins

Bella was invited by her Aunt Emily to come over and have a little tea party. It was so darling. Emily made mini muffins and had lemonade for them to drink. She even taught them to drink out of their tea cups with their pinkies up. Bella had a great time and we are thankful for lots of fun family that live so close to us.

Kahlan Bella and Ellie