Thursday, August 14, 2008

Shout out to our BFF's!!!

Can't wait to see you guys :) I came acrossed these pictures the other day and decided I needed to post them. It's crazy how we seriously have no pictures with you guys. We'll have to take some when we're there. Love ya can't wait to get there!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Family Home Evening activity--- pushing Bodie in the build-a-bear stroller

I came downstairs from showering the other day and saw Bella all decked out, my swimsuit bottoms around her neck, bra around her neck, bucket and shovel, and baby Annie... She looked at me and said "bye mom, ready go"

This is my favorite thing to find as a mom, my two little ones playing on the floor together having fun and entertaining themselves... LOVE IT!

Diva Bella in her shades and mom's shoes. She is a shoe freak and loves wearing anybody's shoes besides her own.

American Idol comes to Salt Lake City!!!

What an experience this was.... The first thing I am going to say is that I am going to have a really hard time watching American Idol this next season because of my experience I had. My little sister Becky decided about a month before tryouts that she wanted to audition. We were all so excited for her because really she is super talented. A couple days after she registered she convinced Lisa and I to try out with her. I know, pathetic but true so we went the night before try outs and registered and had my mom and other sister Tricia be our guests. Anyways... to make a long story short we ended up waiting in line outside the Energy Solutions Arena the day of tryouts for about 3 hours only to be humiliated on the radio. We were asked to sing the phone book on the radio. It was awesome! We did get photographed by American Idol and are now posted on the website, but other than that the 3 hours of waiting sucked! We finally get into the arena. Becky registered the sunday before tryouts and was at the front so we at that moment realized that for Lisa and I to tryout it would be at least another 10 hour wait. No thanks. So Becky tried out, looked amazing, sang amazing and didn't make it. So I'm sure you are all wondering why I am so bitter about the experience. Well in one sentence I will sum it up. In the preliminary audition where you audition for random producers they chose about 70% wacks and 30% talent. I could go on and on, but I'll spare you all. It was an experience, something I will never put myself through again...

The night before the auditions we got a hotel room in Salt Lake. Becky got a mad headache so Lisa whipped out her handy dandy laser. Boo said it actually worked...

The beautiful, amazingly talented Boo!

Becky's fan club from left to right- mom, Kara, Lisa, Trish, Boo

The awesome wristbands you had to have on to enter the arena

Grandpa Seely's Birthday Party

My mom's dad turned 85 this year and we had a big party at the park to celebrate. He is my only living grandparent and I love him dearly!!! We had a good time seeing cousins we haven't seen in really long time.