Monday, July 14, 2008

Trip to San Diego with Grandma Ford

Bella, Bodie and I ventured to California with Grandma Ford this last week and it was quite eventful. It really made me appreciate my amazing husband. I really can't survive without him. We met Helen (sister-in-law) and her family there. We went to the San Diego Zoo and to Sea World. Bella's favorite part was dancing with Elmo at Sea World. I would love to say that the trip went smoothy but that would be lying. I do have to say that as stressful as it was we did have fun spending time and seeing our Ford family. Bella especially loved sleeping in a bed with Grandma Ford. Glad to be home again!!!

Grandma, Bella, Bodie leavin' on a jet plane

The crew!

Bodie would NOT sleep in bed with me. He was waking up every hour for the first 2 nights and the motel didn't have a crib and I didn't have a crib so our next option was the suitcase. Unfortunetely that didn't work either. He woke up 30 minutes after I put him in there.... Nothing better than NO sleep...

Bella went on her own little Safari with her fellow animals

Yes, we have a blonde afro going on!

Bella woke up the other morning with her hair just like this. Dead serious. I don't know what in the world was going on in her sleep but she sure did a number to her hair....
Front shot of the hair

Back shot of the hair

Happy 4th!

We went up to Toole for some fun 4th of July festivities in the afternoon and then finished our night off at the Stadium of Fire. Miley Cyrus however the heck you spell her name was HORRIBLE!! Sorry to all you Miley fans.

Bella was a little nervous about the tank smashing event in Tooele, but survived it and actually smiled for a picture

A friend of our family does a big 4th of July thing in Tooele and one of the things he does is drive one of his World War II tanks over a car and smashes it. Kind of crazy but definetely exciting to watch.

Lance and I and Bodie's head at Stadium of Fire

Left to Right: little sister Boo (Becky), Bella, niece Ellie, little sister Lisa. They all were gettin' their groove on, head bangin with Miley.