Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pictures anyone?

So I decided that I was going to post the most random post cause it's been literally months since I've posted pictures so in no particular order... pictures from Lance's Iphone :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010


I have decided that I am no longer going to be a facebooker. There are a lot of reasons for this decision. For one, if you have noticed I don't update my blog EVER which really bugs. Two, I waste more time on facebook than anyone could even imagine which is so embarrassing to admit and that REALLY bugs. I could be doing so many other GOOD things with my time than wasting my life away on that stupid thing. And lastly, there have been a few things that have happened recently on facebook that just make me SO angry. I won't go into any of that, but to all you dwindling blog readers of mine, know that I will no longer WASTE time on facebook and be more diligent in keeping my blog up to date with pictures of my cute little monkeys that are growing faster than I can even believe. The End.