Friday, November 21, 2008


I went to the midnight showing of Twilight with some of my girlfriends and have mixed feelings about it. It didn't help that we were on the very front row, I was starving the whole movie, and was so tired! ok here's the deal, I read the book and loved it. To me the book was not cheesy at all, it was super good, intense, just awesome. The movie on the other hand... pretty cheesy, but I guess what can you expect, books are always better than the movie... I didn't get home til 2:30am and have been feeling it today. I think I'll try to watch it again not on the front row and not when I'm hungry and tired :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

"She's a mean old witch with a HAT"

This Halloween Bella learned this song and would put the witch hat on and sing this song at the top of her lungs! She found the hat today and I heard her in the other room singing and had to get it on video it was so cute!


We went and found out what we were having last night and found out it was another little peeper... which we are very excited about. I do have to admit though, both Lance and I were hoping for another girl... It didn't really matter either way though cause we have one of each already. Anywho, at our appointment the gay technician prematurely announced that it was a girl about 30 seconds into the ultra sound and for about the first 3 minutes kept pointing to those "three lines" low and behold to her horror after announcing we were having a girl, the baby suddenly grew a peeper. Our baby is definetely a boy. Not a question. It's hillarious though because we have a dvd of it and the first few minutes you see her cursor pointing to the "three lines" and then all the sudden there's no three lines anymore amazingly enough they disappeared and became something sticking straight out. I guess that technician learned her lesson. Thanks for getting our hopes up lady only to shoot them down and tell us it's not really a girl.... Really though I am very excited to have another little guy to be best buddies with Bodie.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Nice up side down mustache Lance....

Halloween was so much fun this year. Bella was still creeped out by the scary guys, but would just tell herself evey time she saw something scary "dus pretend, not real, dus pretend mom not real" in a terrified little voice. It was the saddest cutest thing every time she said it. Anyhow, Halloween night we went to trunk-or-treat at my parents ward and it was awesome. When your kids are as young as mine, you still want them to experience the whole trick-or-treating thing, but it's not really worth it to go walk around and knock on doors, so trunk-or-treat is the greatest invention. Bella got her bag full of candy it only took 10 minutes to walk to all the trunks and we were done! Perfect. I'm honestly not a huge fan of Halloween, but this year was actually pretty fun. I dressed up as a boring witch. Lance was a gangster/thug. Bella and Bodie were Pooh and Tigger Super Sluths.

Tigger and Grandma Dona

That would be my nerd brother and my hard core husband

My mom is pretty much the cutest punkin I ever saw :)

More Halloween fun....

We went to this place that I can't even remember the name of it... I know, retarded me. Anyways, its was a cool outdoor boutique thing with shops and lots of Halloween fun. It was fun to spend some time with Grandma Ford and dad was even able to meet us there for a minute on his lunch break.