Wednesday, July 8, 2009

...and almost 3 months later here I am

Well to put it bluntly I have become a facebook junky. The time that I used to spend updating my blog has been taken up by getting on facebook. I know, it's ridiculous, but with the new club I'm a part of I have felt it be worth more to me to spend it there. I will still continue to post here on my blog it will just be sparatic. So if you want to talk to me, become my friend on facebook. Here is a mumbo jumbo of pictures and what we've been up to the last few months... I'll try to do them in order, but I don't know if I'm that good on here. Love you all!!!! And I think I did the pictures backwards and after loading them all I realized they are all of our kids... not one of Lance and I... oops

The 4th of July- I seriously am terrible at taking pictures. Just sitting here thinking of all the fun things we did on the 4th and these pictures actually aren't even from my camera. Pathetic. I need to take more pictures. We started our 4th watching the balloons, then headed to the parade, then had an awesome pool party at the most amazing pool and then took naps and then went to the Stadium of Fire, but the coolest thing is is my dad parked his motorhome in the parking lot of the stadium right in front and we were able to hear everything going on and we put our chairs out and had a salmon BBQ with all my family. Watched the fireworks right from the comforts of our own Motorhome! IT was fabulous

Bella still loves Grahaminsky

And yes, this is how I manage to get around. Bella converted the double stroller into a triple stoller all by her self. She asked me one day if she could sit in the front and it just works out great! Brilliant little girl she is creating her own seat.

We visited Temple Square...

We took our first road trip to Arizona to see Auntie Karen and Papa Smurf. Bella had a blast swimming and as you can see riding on the quad with handsome little Damon. Didn't take hardly any pictures but we all had tons of fun. We were even able to hang out with Erin and James a little. So Fu!!!

Lisa my beautiful sister had a little girl on Mother's Day- Sayla Ann Stradling (we call her Lala)