Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Baldy Bodie

And the boy has no hair! We finally shaved it all off... I actually think he looks pretty cute. Wierd that he looks like a totally different baby though.

Monday, April 14, 2008


Lance and I had decided it was time to shave Bodie's head. His hair was falling out and getting a little patchy so we decided it was time to say goodbye to his baby red hair. So we went in the bathtub and Lance started shaving away... as he was shaving he said, "Hey Kara, I'm going to leave the top hair there and just shave the back and the sides. It will look so sweet!" Lance was determined that his 4 month old son was going to have a mowhawk. He said he only wanted to keep it for a few days so I allowed my crazy husband to leave the hair on top there and yes, now my sweet little Bodie looks like a hoodlum!!! But of course Lance loves it and thinks Bodie looks so tough! I guess boys will be boys...

One last trip to Maui... before the BIG move!

So our family will be leaving this beautiful island to move back to Utah where Lance got a job working for Raser Technologies in only 10 short days. We are so excited to be moving by family and friends, but also very sad to leave good friends here and this wonderful place. We decided last weekend to take a quick trip with our best friends Lala and Rusty to Maui and meet up with some Utah friends, the Granums. We had lots of fun with everyone. We woke up Friday morning at 4am and caught the Superferry and sailed to Maui. The boat ride there was so great, smoothe sailing the whole way. Our trip in Maui consisted of playing at the Granums pool, barbeques, Big beach, skimboarding, dinner at Fred's and Kimo's and a few good games of Settlers. The boat ride back was a different story though... The waves were so big and the superferry was rockin' and a rollin' all I can say is that there was a lot of puking going on on the boat. I don't normally get seasick but I lost my cookies along with Rusty and a lot of other people. It was good to be back on land and back to Oahu and the beautiful North Shore. As the time gets closer to leaving I seriously have so many mixed feelings. Change is hard, but good and so pray that I will survive....

My favorites!

just a few more... :)

Friday, April 4, 2008

Sneak Peak of our family photo shoot...


P.S. if anyone is interested in seeing more of Natalie's amazing photography her blog is

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

How about this mug shot

Never knew you could get two mug shots in one. There you go... How about those faces.

My sweet little Bodie

This kid smiles all the time!! When I get the camera out it's a different story. He NEVER smiles for the camera so this is as good as it gets for now... He is such a good baby. I never knew a baby could be so good. I have been so spoiled with him and love him so much. He is such a mama's boy and I hope he stays that way!