Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Spending the day in Waikiki

Lance and I went into Waikiki for the day and had lots of fun. Lance bought that had and Isabella was obsessed with it. All she wanted to do was eat it. Crazy girl! She is also starting to give some wicked slobbery kisses too. Daddy was about to get one

Friday, April 20, 2007

Hau'ula Beach

Bella's lime green bow matched perfect with her swimsuit so I had to take some pictures.

Aaron and Mckensie are here!!

Lance's good friend Aaron from High School and his wife Mckensie called us up Monday and asked if they could come visit us in Hawaii. We said sure and then they said ok we'll try to find a ticket for tomorrow. We didn't think they were serious, but we picked them up from the airport Tuesday afternoon and are just livin' it up for the week. We're having tons of fun!

Bella and the boys

Boys making breakfast

Biker baby

I had this bandana in the closet and thought Bella would look cute in it. My little biker baby. Where's the bike?


We took Aaron and Kensie to two beaches yesterday. It was a long day, but it was so much fun. The coolest thing, we saw a school of dolphins, at least 50 of them while we were sitting on the beach they were only like 30 yards away from us. Lance even tried to swim out there and play with them. He was unsuccessful, but it was so cool cause they were doing a show for us. Going up in the air and flipping around. I felt like I was at Sea World! It was aweseome!

Waimea beach

Hukilau Cafe

This is one of our favorite places to eat breakfast. Sooooo yummy! And P.S. by the way, you can see Colt Brennan in the background of Isabella eating. He's the quarterback for University of Hawaii. He had a camera man with him, I guess he's famous...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

We ALL had mush for breakfast

This morning I made cream of wheat and thought I'd let Bella give it a try. This is how it all played out. I think more than anything the mush was all over her. Maybe 1/8 of it got in her mouth. Oh well she had a party and went to town on it. It's the first time we've given her a spoon with food and just let her do what she wants. It was actually quite entertaining!

Bella's almost getting the idea of a spoon.... ok not really

mmmm.. that was good

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday dinner at Coach Rama's

Sister Rama and Assistant Coach Rama invited the whole soccer team to come to their house and have a big feast tonight. There was so much food. I couldn't believe how much food Sister Rama made. Her and her husband are from Figi and are the nicest people ever! Sister Rama is actually Lance's Book or Mormon teacher here too. She loves him. Isabella and I go to the Book of Mormon class with him sometimes, you know to get some spiritual upliftment during the week and because Sister Rama loves Bella.

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Lance had his soccer banquet tonight. It was a lot of fun to go to. We got a babysitter for the first time. I lasted about an hour without Bella and then called the babysitter and had her bring her over. I know, I'm pathetic! Oh well we still had a good time and she was a good girl. Lance was awarded 2nd team all conference. I'm not quite sure what that means, but he's good at soccer I do know that :) He has really enjoyed the soccer team here at BYUH. It was the first season that they had a soccer team since 1999 so it's pretty cool. We are looking forward to next season which will be his last. I love watching him play, and now that Bella is bigger it will be even more fun! They have their first game August 15th.

Lance's coach Jeff and his wife Kim.

This is Lance's teammate, Josh Barney

Lance's coach and Bella

Shopping in town

Bella loves being a big girl in her stroller. What do you think of the mohawk look? I think she looks cute!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lance told me she looked like a clown. Who really cares it's just jammies dad and notice the three binkis. One in the mouth and one in each hand. She's a nut!

My big chocolate eyes. I just want to eat them all up!

Bella loves sucking on the remote

Just a regular old day

We went to the beach this morning. Fun,but had some issues. I let Lance do the sunscreening of the little one. Bad idea. I asked him if he got Bella's face good and by me saying that he assumed he should lather more. And because of the excess sunscreen on her face a bunch of it got in her eyes. We had red splochy watering eyes for about an hour. Poor thing. She survived though. Now we're just playing at home

Sunday, April 8, 2007


We had a wonderful Easter Sunday. Lance bore his testimony in Sacrament Meeting and I bore my testimony in Relief Society. Brave me :) We had lunch with our friends and played some cards. It was a fun day! Unfortunetely we weren't able to get to the store to do Easter baskets because there was a huge rock slide that blocked the road and it was closed all day Saturday. Oh well. Isabella was our little pink Easter egg! We sure love every little bit of her!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Beach day

We went to the beach yesterday with some friends. It was so fun! The waves were coming in like 8-10ft. HUGE! Bella unfortunetely didn't get to swim in those waves, but she loved the sand... so much she ate a bucket load of it. Sick! Oh well. She liked it. Lance met us there after class and played for a bit. We ended our Friday night eating at a SUPER yummy Thai restaurant called Haleiwa Eats. Got to love Thai food!


There is a serious beach baby. I am so suprised how much she loves being in the sand and in the water. I guess she was born in Hawaii. It's just natural for her :)

Bella's first tooth

If you look really closely you can see her little mini tooth poking through. She finally broke her first tooth. Thank goodness! It has been tough goings getting that little sucker through. And isn't she the cutest little beach bum you ever saw?

Hillary and Kara

This is my friend Hillary. We met out here in Hawaii. Her and her husband are in our ward. Fun friend :) And Auntie Lala is holding Bella. Her and her husband are in the ward also. They play cards with us every weekend. The funnest game ever called Hand and Foot. Love it!

Watch out BIG wave coming!

Ok, no joke, Bella and I were down splashing in the water when all of the sudden I looked up and saw like 10ft. wave coming. I stood up and jetted for safety. You can see the fear in my face. I do not like big waves. Nope not a surfer either

Yummy sand

See there she goes again eating the sand. She only spit up a little sand a few minutes later. Crazy girl!

Haleiwa Eats

This is at the Thai restaurant Haleiwa Eats. Man do I love curry! Bella was so well behaved at the restaurant. She was intrigued by the guitar player that was playing for tips in the restaurant. He kept her quiet.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Fantasy Ultra Light

Lance and I were able to go on this amazing flight in Paradise. We flew one at a time with the pilot of course over the ocean. We saw whales jumping we saw the surfers riding in waves. It was AWESOME. Not only that, I got to fly up through the clouds at 4000ft. and touch clouds. Not too many people can say they've touched the clouds at 4000ft. in the air. I can! It was seriously the time of our lives!

Lance getting ready for the ride of his life

Up up and away