Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Cancun Trip

Well to make a long story short for those of you who heard about this vacation. The sailor that was sailing my dad's boat from Galveston to Cancun didn't quite sail fast enough. There were some problems and our trip that was suposed to be a sailing trip from Cancun to Belize didn't happen. We ended up staying in a all inclusive resort there in Cancun for the week and a half we were there. It was still lots of fun but kind of dissapointing we didn't get to set sail. Those are some pictures of my dad's boat "The Eclipse". We were all able to see it the day before we came back home. It was really nice. Maybe a sailing trip will happen in the future. Who knows... Thanks dad for everything!!!!


We went and saw the Mayan ruins it was pretty cool. SO hot I thought I was going to die though. Bella was a trooper!

More fun in Cancun

Swimming Pool at the Park Royal

Little Bella loves nothing more than playing in the water. Ocean, swimming pool, bathtub, doesn't matter as long as it's water.

Sesame Street fun

Isabella was a little afraid of Cookie Monster. She is so funny, for some reason anything that is furry or looks furry she freaks out. Dogs especially. Even if it's a picture in a book...

Bella and her cousins