Friday, November 16, 2007

Sorry girls, I have the BEST husband!

You know you did pretty well in marrying when this is what you find and you didn't even have to ask. Yes folks he is on his hands and knees on the bathroom floor behind the toilet. Lance is known for doing this quite frequently. Anyway I had to take some pictures of it for posterity's sake :) He is also really good about washing the car weekly. This last weekend he took Bella out with him and let her play in the little pool while he washed the car. She had a ball. She wished she could help a little more with the hose though :) You're the best Lance! I love you


Bella was a little under the weather this week. On Sunday she had a temperature of 103 all day and was so cranky. I thought for sure she was catching this disease that had been going around our apartment complex called hand foot and mouth disease. I know discusting! I was freaking out. So Sunday was the fever. Monday morning she broke out in this wicked rash all over her body. Now I'm really panicing... For sure she had this discusting disease from a dirty kid... I am so rude sorry. Anyway the weird thing was was that she had no other symptoms. The fever was gone she just had a rash all over. No cough, no runny nose, nothing. She was even acting normal. I ended up taking her to the doctor just so I could have peace of mind that my daughter was going to be ok. She was fine of course, but it took almost 4 days to get rid of her rash. The doctor figured it was probably some food allergy so in the end it's all my fault... Here are just a few pictures. The first one is an attempt of the rash on her face. It didn't show up nearly what it really looked like. The other two are just fun pictures. Bella's new thing is opening the fridge cause she always thinks she needs to eat. And I just loved this picture of her with Lance's hat on.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Little cutie she is... Lately she's been obsessed with boxes as you can clearly see. She would love it if I helped her all day climb in and out of boxes.Her favorite thing is she stands in them and shakes her booty and thinks she is so funny.

Definetely a fort building sunday!

Last Sunday we had tons of rain! It was crazy it was coming down like I've never seen it before. We had been at another apartment just around the corner and this is what we looked like when we came in the house, SOAKING WET! Daddy and Bella decided to build a fort :) It just seemed like one of those kind of days... A fort building day. Bella had so much fun in there with daddy, eating snacks, reading books and telling stories. I wish I knew how to do a video on here cause I have the cutest video clip of the two of them in their fort telling stories. Isabella is so lucky to have such a good dad to play with.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

HOORAY soccer is over!!!!

Ok so I must be honest. I really do have mixed emotions about soccer being done and over with for Lance. On one hand, I am so excited that I will get my husband back in the evenings (besides homework of course) and on the weekends. No more practices, no more games. Life is great. On the other hand, I have loved every minute of being a soccer wife and supporting Lance through his last three seasons of soccer. I will really miss yelling on the sidelines at games, giving my sweaty, hot husband a kiss after playing amazingly, and most of all I will miss it because I know Lance will miss it. I know he has mixed emotions also. He has been playing soccer since he was just a baby and he's come to the end. I was glad to hear my dad remind us that it's not really the end for him. He's got a daughter and a son that I'm pretty sure he'll be playing a lot of soccer with for many a years. And of course those good old intermural soccer teams.... I'm so proud of Lance and his success as an outstanding soccer player. I love you Lance and am so happy you finished this season so well!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Welcome to the world Max!

Congrats to my baby sister Boo and her husband Alex. Becky gave birth to a beautiful little boy, Maxwell T Loveless on November 2nd at 4:04am. Both are doing well and are healthy and happy. Becky is going to be the best little mommy. I love you so much Boo!!!!