Wednesday, September 16, 2009


you know it's been a long time when the last post your baby looked like this...

...and now looks like this! Yes Graham is pushing 20 lbs. Big boy!

Here's a quick update:

We have been crazy busy around here. I swear with 3 kids life never slows down. We've recently moved into my mother-in-laws house temporarily to save money. We are going to start building our house in about two to three weeks. I can't wait to finally have a place that will be my HOME! Hallelujah! Lance's business is doing great and growing. Bella turned 3 last week and we celebrated in California at Disney Land. The best Disney Land trip I have ever been on. It makes it a different experience when you have kids that literally say in their prayers "please bless Disney Land and that I can go there every day" My sweet Bella. We were also able to spend some time with our Cook family and went to Sea world and the Zoo.

Little Bodie Kai is as wild as ever and is the definition of BOY. Busy, crazy, wild, and a little tease. We sure love his spunk though! Can't live without our Bodie boy.

Graham has gone from this little peanut to this HUGE chubby, rolly, thunder thighed boy. He is laughing all the time and is seriously the BEST baby. I thought Bella was a good baby and then I had Bodie and now Graham... They just get better and better each time. Watch out I might be having 10 more kids :) I think I am addicted to having babies. Oh dear! No I am not pregnant but give me a few months and I might be...

Enjoy the pictures!!!