Monday, June 30, 2008

Thanks Trish!!!!!

My wonderful sister Tricia is starting a photography business and has been taking pictures of Bella and Bodie. She does an amazing job capturing the moment. Here are a few pics....

Bet you didn't know Bodie read already... well he sure does

Future concert pianist

I think she's a natural mommy. She sure loves her babies

The picture says it all...

Bella loving Clyde the turtle (Uncle Cliff's turtle)

Bella has been so blessed to live right by her Aunt Lisa and Uncle Cliff. She loves them ALOT!

Bella painted a cup and a plate for grandma and grandpa at color me mine. It turned out adorable. She had a lot of fun going to town on the paints... scary... messy

Just takin' care of business :)

The most adorable little feet you've ever seen

Sunday, June 29, 2008


A few of our amazing neighbors at our goodbye barbeque

Isabella and her best friend Elise Nautu

Some more of Bella's friends

We were very sad to leave our beautiful TVA home in Hawaii, but were more sad to leave our friends. Bella had some really fun friends that lived right by us and to this day, two months later, she still asks to go see them. It's hard to explain to her that they are so far away and she can't see them. Hopefully sometime soon we'll make a trip across the ocean and see everybody. We miss you Hawaii!!!!

California Trip

Wild Animal Park safari... That was an extremely hot adventure. We all survived though... barely...

This is at the character breakfast. Bella wasn't quite sure about it. She did love the part where all the kids did follow the leader to "Lou Lou skip to my Lou" she still goes around at home and sings it

Grandpa and Bodie loving the Tarzan character

Dumbo was a favorite :)

Still a little nervous about the characters...

The fam at Universal Studios

Bodie Kainalu Ford's blessing day

Lance blessed Bodie at my parents house about a week after we moved back from Hawaii. He is such a good father and I am so grateful that he is a worthy priesthood holder and can bless our children. Love you dad!

Fun times in Utah

Bella's Blueberry drink... mmm mmm good!

My handsome little Bodie is finally starting to sit up on his own.

As you can clearly see, Bella is livin' up her Chucky Cheese experience!

Roasting at Dad's soccer game... HOT!!!!

My silly binki babies

The little princess Bella going to her "poo pottie" translated, pool party. It's hillarious all Bella wants to do every day is go to a "poo pottie" she absolutely LOVES to swim.

Jordan Sparks Concert

Lance's mom got us tickets to the Jordan Sparks concert for my birthday and we really had a good time. She's actually a really good singer and entertainer. Bella had a blast, dancing the whole time and she especially loved the part where she got to hold the cell phone in the air. (you know how they do that at concerts) Thanks Grandma Ford for such a fun time!!!!

Glenn Beck

I have to say I love this man! We were able to attend an awesome Freedom Festival event at the Marriot Center. Glenn Beck was the guest speaker and I definetely left a little more patriotic :) He was AMAZING!!!! My dad got us tickets to the reception before where we got to shake hands with him and get a picture. Bodie really took a liking to him.... It was a really neat experience to meet him and then listen to how much he loves this country. We could all be a little more like him.

Friday, June 27, 2008

I have to be honest...

Since the move to Utah I have made it less of a priority to update my blog as you all I'm sure have noticed. I know that there are many excuses of why that has happened but I realize that no excuse it good enough. I will do my best to update my blog with some pictures by the end of this weekend. Here are a few things we have been doing lately though. First of all I need everyone to know that I joined a women's indoor soccer team... yes me, playing soccer. It's quite a sight, but I actually LOVE IT! Lance and the kids sit on the sidelines and cheer me on it's awesome! The other day we went to the Jordan Sparks concert it was actually pretty good. Bella loved it and danced the whole time. A few other things we've done is hang out with Grandma Ford lots and Grandma and Grandpa Higginson. Bella has loved being close to alot of her cousins and plays with them all the time.

Lance plays indoor and outdoor soccer still and is busy at his new job. It's been hard adjusting to being all by myself with two kids. He is super helpful when he gets home from work. I will say though that I hate that my husband works an 8-5 job. Maybe someday he won't be so busy. I love him so much he is the best husband and dad.

Since Bella can't be at the beach anymore we live at the pool. It has all the sudden gotten so hot here so to keep Bella happy and me sane we play at the pool everyday. She is super close to being able to swim on her own. She loves the water and hates when I hold on to her in the pool so pretty much to not drown she has taught herself to swim. Crazy girl! Bella is nearing two and I'm not lying she has gotten such an attitude. I try really hard to be patient with her but it's so hard. She's gone from being the sweetest thing to I don't know what... a monster! Hopefully this phase will be short... pray for me... On a good note though, she goes around the house and sing's I Love to See the Temple. It has got to be the cutest thing ever. It sounds a little like this, "... see temple...someday...see temple someday..."

Bodie is getting so big. He's nearing 7 months and I'm pretty sure weighs more than Bell. I can't believe it. He is still such an amazing baby. Probably the funniest thing about him though is he loves watching tv. To get him to sleep we buckle him in his carseat and stick him on the couch in front of the tv. I know, probably not the best thing to do, but it works :) He adores his sister. Anytime she plays with him he just smiles from ear to ear. He watches her every move. It will be interesting to see what happens when he gets a little older. I sure hope Bella teaches him good things...

Sorry again there are no pictures I will put pictures on this weekend. PS it's my birthday tomorrow I'm turning a quarter of a century. I feel like I should be turning 21. I feel like I should be 21 forever. This post has been so long. sorry sorry sorry