Friday, July 20, 2007

IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lance and I went to to the doctor on Tuesday and found out our next little bundle is a boy! I knew it the whole time. This pregnancy has been so completely different from Bella that there was no way it was another girl. I mean I guess it could have been a girl but I would have been shocked. So a boy it is! I have mixed feelings I wanted another girl just because Bella and this new baby will be so close in age and also I don't know what the heck to do with a boy.... Oh well I guess I'll have to learn :) I am getting more excited the more I think about it. A boy will be fun. Lance is super excited of course.

Sunday, July 8, 2007


For my birthday Lance's mom got us a condo in Maui for the weekend so we packed our bags and took a long 25 minute flight to Maui on Thursday. We did tons of fun stuff unfortunetely the first night we were there our camera broke. We were so sad. So that should explain why so little pictures. Thanks to Jenn we did Kimos for dinner one night. DELICIOUS prime rib! And also were very brave and did the road to Hana. Ok, people tell you it's a curvy road... no it's out of control curvy, but very beautiful. The banana bread was delicious! Maui was great, but Lance and I decided we actually prefer Oahu, North Shore. Sorry Maui lovers!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Sacred Falls Hike

We went on a beautiful hike up to Sacred Falls last week. It was amazing! Bella loves to be outside so the whole hike she was pointing at everything and squealing because she was so excited. We came across a sign that said PARK CLOSED KEEP OUT. Pretty much we just ignored it. I guess some people have died from big rock/land slides so they legally have to close the hike. We just had to hop a fence, no big deal. But there is a crazy picture where you can see how the whole huge mountain fell apart. Insane! On our way down she got a little fussy in her back pack so Lance took her out and she went to sleep like 2 minutes later.

Bella finally has her own room!!!

Because we are so fortunate to be living in Hawaii we sacrifice some of the luxurious things in life like a two bedroom apartment. But because we are expecting a second baby we were lucky enough to be put from a tiny one bedroom box into a brand new two bedroom. So that means Bella can finally have her own room. Unfortunetely we are really struggling with her thinking that her new bed is awesome. She doesn't think that it's all that great. In fact she HATES her crib. It has been a nightmare the last few weeks we've been back here and moved in. I think she is finally realizing she will survive in her crib. Cross our fingers it continues and she will learn to sleep in her brand new room.

4th of July nap

Lance and Bella took a nap after our 4th of July adventure and festivities at Turtle Bay. We had a fun day and are just about to go see how Bella likes the fireworks...