Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bella's reading a little early

I put her down on the bed to grab something and came back a few minutes later and this is how I found her. She had got a hold of the book and was reading it. I was dying. There were actually sounds coming out of her mouth like she was trying to read.

drive drive with daddy

Bella's favorite thing to do is right after we pull into our apartment complex I take her out of the carseat to drive drive. I swear there's nothing that excites her more. She hangs on to the steering wheel with both hands and just squeals because she's so excited. It's hillarious to watch.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Just call us the "Last minute Joes"

Sunday after church part of my family had plans to leave for Lake Powell, all driving but Mom and Dad. Dad decided that flying for an hour and a half was a lot better than driving 6 hours. So he and Mom were going to be flying in his little plane. Lance and I had pretty much decided that we were'nt going. We didn't think that Bella would appreciate the long car ride and it was only going to be a 3 day trip so we thought it wasn't really worth the 12 hours of driving and so on.... So about 20 minutes before mom and dad had planned to leave dad called me and said I really think it would be fun if you guys would come and there are 3 extra seats in the plane. We couldn't really pass up Lake Powell then so we packed our bags like super speedy and headed to the Heber airport where dad's plane was. We had a great time In Powell. It was definetely short, but I was actually glad to come back home. I think Bella was too.

The plane ride to the Page Airport

This was an interesting plane ride... We were in a 6 seater airplane, more like four seater though cause the two seats in the very back I don't really think we can call seats. Anyways... It was Mom and Bella in the back, Lance and I in the middle, and Jack (the pilot) and Dad in the front. Mom wasn't feeling so well so inbetween puking she had to hold oxygen on Bella's nose. I had no idea that oxygen was going to be involved but I guess because we were flying at such a high altitude and the plane wasn't pressurized we had to wear lovely oxygen masks. I felt so bad for my mom, but she survived. I was just glad we weren't in a car for 6 hours. Thank goodness. And we were so lucky that Bella slept the whole way. It was an experience to say the least.

Lake Powell

Unfortunetely because of the short trip and my laziness I didn't take very many pictures of us at Lake Powell so here are the few that I have.

The plane ride home

Lance was the co-pilot which didn't make me nervous at all... Really it didn't. He flew the plane for part of it and I just held Bella's oxygen up to her nose and tried not to think about it. Actually he did a fabulous job! Bella is a super trooper and slept right through the flight once again. Good little munchkin!

Fun in the SUN!

We spent the day at Grandma Ford's and had a blast in our brand new pool. Bella is natural swimmer!

My little angel

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Orem Summer Fest

We went to the Orem Summer Fest yesterday and had so much fun. The baby contest was insane, I guess what do you expect... Utah County. I swear there were thousands of babies. Bella didn't perform for the judges, practically the whole time they were trying to get any expressions out of her she just gave a complete blank stare. But the funny thing is, right after the judging she was pointing and waving and laughing at everything and everyone! She didn't win, but it was a great time though. Lance said he was going to have another baby contest when we got home and he gave her the grand prize:) We love daddy! We took her on the merri-go-round a few times and she LOVED it! Yesterday was a long but exciting day.

Saturday, June 9, 2007


Here are just a few pictures of our fun here in Utah. We have had a good time being here and visiting family, but are very much looking forward to getting back home to Hawaii! We are entering Bella into a baby contest today so I will post some pictures soon! I can't believe she is already 9 months! How time flies... And for all of you who don't already know, we will be having baby number two in December!!!!