Sunday, April 25, 2010

Never knew a statue of Chirst could be so funny....

So I was putting Graham down for a nap in my parents closet and on their shelf is a statue of Christ, I decided to show it to Graham and for some reason he thought it was the funniest thing. I have NEVER heard him belly laugh so hard in my entire life, it was hilarious! PS, this video is the third time around after I left the closet, went to go find Lance with the camera, and then having Lance record it once for it not to work and then finally the third time he got this video so this isn't even nearly what his laugh was the first time, but it's still pretty cute and funny.

"Graham" Cracker party!!!

We celebrated Graham's birthday in my parents backyard, it was perfect. We had a Graham Cracker themed party and roasted marsh mellows and had smores and Graham Cracker cake. Can't believe my baby is 1!!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010


Per Erin's request :)

It was about a month and a half ago that Lance received an email from a former missionary that served in Haiti just before Lance served. In the email he stated that there was job opportunity for English/Haitian Creole speakers in Haiti that would be paying a tremendous amount of money... The email was very brief with very little detail... We didn't think much of it. Other than it would be sweet to make that much money... Or should I say, I didn't think very much of it. Lance on the other hand followed up with some questions and found out that one of the major contractors that will be heading up the clean up and rebuilding of Haiti from the aftermath of the earthquake was looking for translators to move to Haiti and work for about 18 months and contacted this former missionary and had him send out emails to any Haitian Creole speakers that English was their primary language... Lance ended up on that list obviously.... Long story short he received an email yesterday that said the contracts for the job stating salary, time of departure, duration of contract etc. would be sent within 7 to 10 days and asked for his home address... Pretty much stating he has been hired for the position and the ball was now in our court to decide... We should receive details on the position in a week to ten days... That's the whole story. That's all I know. Why is my life so crazy? just wondering. It seems just as I think it's all starting to settle down and come together there is a MAJOR CURVE BALL thrown my way. Say your prayers for us, this is going to be a big life changing decision that we are going to have to make in the next week. LOve you all!!