Sunday, October 28, 2007

Lots and lots of Halloween Parties!!!

So this last week has been full of Halloween costume parties. This first one was one our friends put together for everybody at the game center here on campus. It was a lot of fun. We bowled ate treats and food and just had good fun. Bella even didn't even freak out about her costume which was a miracle. As you can see, Bella was a little fishy, Lance was an odd looking officer and I was the jail bird. The other two parties were primary and a little boys birthday/halloween party. They were lots of fun, but I'll be honest, halloween hasn't even come yet and I'm a little halloweened out. Hopefully Bella will put on her fish costume one more time for actual Halloween and trick-or-treating... We'll see.

More Halloween fun....

Bella was Minnie mouse at this party... This was for the Primary in our Stake. Bella would not let go of my finger. I'm not kidding, it was death grip the whole time. I think the costumes made her quite nervous and she didn't get a nap. We had a miserable time at that event
We went to another Halloween Party and I decided to be a witch rather than a jail bird. It was a little birthday party for one of the neighbor kids. They had a lot of fun games and lots of treats.... I wish Bella was a little older. I don't think she really could participate in much. Next year I guess...

Monday, October 15, 2007

Mommy and Bella's day out

This morning while daddy was at school Bella and I decided to go on a little adventure. We first went to the temple to see the "big Jesus" statue (that's what Bella calls it) she loves going to the visitors center and walking around and talking to the "big Jesus" All the sister missionaries there love it. We're regulars. We walk in and they say "Oh there's that cute baby that signs." She will stand in front of the Jesus and look around and sign Jesus and makes sure everybody sees her and knows it's Jesus. She gets so excited! After the temple stop we went up the street to the beach and played in the sand and water for a bit. We then met dad at school for lunch. Bella is now thankfully being put to sleep by her daddy. I have the best husband. Even though Lance is so busy and stressed out with school he will, without fail, help me with whatever I ask him to do. He actually just cleaned up the kitchen and killed a bunch of ants and roaches behind our stove and in our toaster. Nasty! He's the best. I really don't know how I got so lucky.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

My little ballerina

Isn't she cute! I put her little tutu on for church this morning and she just thought she was the cutest thing in the world. She wanted to put her sunglasses on and kept saying "cool" That's her favorite word. And instead of putting two thumbs up for cool she sticks her two pointer fingers up and says "coo" She gets funnier every day I swear. She's becoming such a girl! I love it!!!

My birthday boy!

Lance and I were able to go out for the first time in a long time without Bella. It was Lance's 25th birthday and we went to midnight madness. It was nice to just hang out with my husband. He's the best! I love him so much and I'm so lucky that he's mine. I love you baby!!!!!! Happy Birthday!

Monday, October 8, 2007

My 2 favorite people and 1 NASTY foot!

I have to say that watching Lance be a dad is the most rewarding thing. It makes me so happy. He loves Isabella so much and she ADORES him. They are so funny together. I swear I hear more laughing and giggling from the two of them when the are playing than any other time. It will be exciting to see what adding another little one in only nine more weeks will do :) It's coming faster that I think all three of us are expecting... CRAZY!!! On a whole different note for those of you who know what Lances feet and ankles normally look like you will realize that this foot is about 3 times bigger than normal and purple. In the soccer game last Thursday he rolled it pretty good and this was the result. He only had to miss one game though which was good. He has a two week break now and I am so excited. We hopefully will be going to Kaua'i for his birthday this weekend. He's turning 25 I can't believe it! I am also very excited to say that he has changed his mind a little bit about his direction with school and we will now be returning to Utah in April for good... well at least for a few years until he gets accepted to Harvard Business School to get his MBA... Ok maybe in his dreams Harvard, but that's what he's shooting for :) Whatever, wherever, he will be going to Graduate School in the next few years after some working in Utah. We are so excited to be coming back to our awesome friends that we miss. Love you all!! Can't wait to be back

Monday, October 1, 2007

WE'RE BACK!!!!!!!!

Bella and I took a little bit of a vacation these last couple weeks. We first met Lance and the BYU Hawaii soccer team in California for some soccer games. My parents were able to come and see a game and also Lance's mom came and watched a few games. With our spare time we went to Fisherman's Warf, Monterey Bay, and to the Santa Cruz Boulevard. It was tons of fun. My brother Eric and sister Tricia also met up with us in California for a few games. They brought their kids too and it was an interesting day to say the least walking the streets at Fisherman's Warf with four strollers. I also was thrilled to know that there is a cupcake store in Ghiradelli Square named after me. Isn't that nice of them :) After the games in California were over I decided since I was so close to home I may as well go visit for a few days seeing how it would be the last time for a while since baby number two is coming Christmas time. And after that no going home by myself. Heck no, not with two babies. Anyways... we went home and stayed with my parents and did Becky's (my little sister) baby shower, the circus and my nieces birthday party. It was an eventful four and a half days at home. I'm really glad I went though so I could spend more time with my family and also Grandma Ford. It was a fun, eventful couple of weeks, but Bella and I are SOOOOO happy to be back at home with daddy. We missed him ALOT!


A friend of Lance's mom opened up his home to Lance's mom and I to stay at while we were in California for a few days. He was very generous. And even one night allowed my brother to park his huge motorhome in his driveway. While we were staying with him he showed us his old cars that he rebuilt and even let us sit in them. Bella and my nephews were in heaven. They thought it was the coolest thing ever. Thank you Roger!!!! The kids were also Lance's best fans on the sidelines for his soccer game. I swear I heard "GO LANCE!" from at least one of the little kids throughout the whole game.


This was the crazy adventure to Fisherman's Warf. It was so cold there! It was a lot of fun to have my sister and brother and their families there. And also it was a day off for Lance so especially fun that we got to spend the day with him too. Oh and definetely the highlight... Kara's Cupcakes. Yummy!


I am sad to report that BYU Hawaii only won one of their games on the road... That's all I'm going to say about that. This was the one and only game they won. It actually was the most important game of the road trip so we're happy about that. It was so much fun to have Lance's mom there and my parent's there also (even my dad!) Those of you who know how busy my dad is know what I mean. It was so nice of him to make the 24 hour trip to San Francisco just to watch Lance play one game. I'm glad he got to see the game they won :) Thanks dad!


My mom and I, before we went to Lance's game against Cal State-Monterey Bay decided to go down to the bay and walk around. It was beautiful. I really enjoyed spending that day with just my mom. I sure love her, she is the best mom in the world! Oh and P.S. yes, Lance has a nasty mustache... a few of the guys on the team thought it would be funny to grow mustaches. I don't think it's very funny, I think it's nappy, discusting. and I got back to Hawaii last night to find that my husband is still sporting the mustache. Not for long... trust me!


While we were in Utah we went to Becky's baby shower, to the circus, and had a little birthday party for my niece Kahlan. Bella found herself very fond of the piano while we were there. She did ok at the circus, was freaking out at the beginning, but warmed up to it in the end. She really loved the tigers and elephants. She called the tigers, big cats.