Sunday, June 20, 2010

A little is better than nothing...

So, I realized that my camera has been dead in my car glove box for the last month now... I know, pathetic. So these are the events of our lives that I have right now. When I move into my house in a week... WAHOOOOOO, I promise to be a more regular blog updater. Two major events that we have here are

first: Bella graduated pre-school! She went to a cute little school here in Orem called Kid's Village. She loved it.

Cutest graduate of all

And this picture says it all. I think it's important to post pictures that aren't all perfect and every child smiling and looking at the camera. Cause come on people, we know that doesn't happen. So, here is my darling little family...

second: little Graham's surgery. Not fun. He was born with a condition called Hypospadias. Go ahead and look it up if you want to know what it is. Nothing too severe, but required surgery none the less. I put it off as long as I could and then finally mustered up the courage to schedule it. He did very well and the recovery was not bad at all. He only had a problem with his stent and that was only for one day... But it was horrible. He literally screamed all day and all night, nothing I could do to console him. The worst feeling ever. He is good as new now and his little peeper is working like a champ!

Sorry, pictures are posted backwards.... this is after the surgery

And this is pre-surgery...