Monday, December 8, 2008

Thanks for the fun visit Auntie Shanae and Kali!!!

P.S. and the pictures... I stole them :)

We had so much fun visiting with Shanae and Kali and were so glad they took time out of their busy schedule here in Utah to come see us. Next time hopefully Bodie and Krew will be able to play together. It was so funny, about a half hour before Shanae and Kali showed up Bella kept telling herself, and me "Kali's not a monster mom, Kali's not a monster." For those of you who don't know Kali she is a wild little girl with a lot of energy. Bella on the other hand is not so much like that if you know what I mean, so apparently Bella was a little nervous about Kali. I think they had a good time overall, but sorry Kali and Shanae Bella is such a nervous freak about everything. I do have to say though that after they left our house Bella talked about Kali the whole rest of the day and has made sure she's prayed for her every day since then. We love you guys and miss you alot! Thanks again for the visit!!


Erin said...

ok. kara you look freakin hot in that picture! ow ow! and shanae did a wonderful job taking pics of the kids!
i Love the name Graham that you picked out! it's fabulous, i wanted that one, but james said no (i based it off the guy on the bachelor last season that i swooned over).

Lance and Kara Ford Family said...

That's funny cause Lance is the one that suggested the name Graham and I immediately thought of Graham from the Bachelor. I really like the name though :)

Shanae said...

That is soooo cute that Bella prayed for Kali, she is probably concerned for her being so crazy :) I am glad we got to see you guys, Kali loves Bella, she even told me that the other day!! Next time we will get the boys together for sure!! Good to see you!!!

Shanae said...

And you do look awesome pregnant!

RuSty and LaLa said...

So fun! When do I get to visit? I miss you guys tons! Bella and Bodie are so stinkin cute! So the name Graham first thing I thought of was Bachelor...Ps you know who they are picking for next seasons Bachelor? Jason! Deanna's reject with the kid. SHould be fun!